Looking through kaleidoscope of optimism: life at IE

Written on September 5, 2014 by MRCB Staff & Students in Student Life

While I write this blog, it is raining heavily in New Delhi. With each drop of rain, and its tip-top voice falling into my ears, all I am getting reminded of is how with each drop of water, a sea transforms into an ocean. I know I should be thinking of something very fragile and nice. But as my mind wanders a little further, it takes me to a question, or more so a situation, that what if it keeps raining continuously for the next sixty days orRachit so?!

Of course, a very obvious situation would be that of a flood like situation, that water level would rise and it would be a difficult scenario to live routine life. But that is obvious! And given this situation in reality, a lot of people would simply swing into awry. But my question is not what would happen; it is rather: what could we do to live in such a situation.

Would we go snorkeling, just swimming, or sailing to live? My idea is whatever way, you got to live and live with hopes of better things to happen in future. I would go sailing although! That is what metamorphosis is: a transformation into something really different of a particular procedure. As a drop of water gets metamorphose into a sea and a gigantic ocean one day, life lived with hope and attitude of rising from setbacks metamorphose into a life led successfully with grandeur.

Now as I reverse my mind’s gear to come to reality, I have come to realize why I am thinking about transformations and why each drop of rain is reminding of seas and oceans and not a cup of coffee or something really crispy to eat!

Actually all this is just like the journey, and I am sure for many too, of getting into IE. Each drop of rain getting transformed into sea is like each moment of life getting together to put forth a strong candidature to get in, and then the conversion into a gigantic ocean is like getting transformed from a rational human-being into a person full of apt knowledge and set to succeed and create difference in business world after graduating.

As I get my kaleidoscope of optimism out, I am really looking forward towards my life at IE with a lot of hope, knowledge, friends, fun, and explore the beautiful city of Madrid.

Written by: Rachit Kapoor, India, MRCB ’15


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