Words of Wisdom from a MRCB Alumna

Written on October 11, 2013 by MRCB Staff & Students in Student Life

Two months after graduation, we had the chance to catch up with Saswati Saha Mitra, MRCB ’13 alumna, to give us some words of wisdom for the upcoming 2013-2014 intake. This is what she had to say!


I wish I knew these…

In any new staSaswatirt, there are certain things you know about the journey ahead and many things which you don’t. It’s always a leap of faith but unlike in other aspects of life, in MRCB you have the alumni to share some of their learning. So, when Lilian asked me to share a few things, I wish I had known before I started the program, it got me thinking….


Each one of you will come to IE with very different motivations. Your motivations will also change in the course of the year. So whether your aim is to experience living in Spain or doing well in school, you have to understand your own motivations first, and if possible, discuss it as a group each term as you work with new people. I wish I had known this before because it helps you review where you stand vis-à-vis your goals every 3 months- do you want to explore something else or how are you gaining from this experience at a personal level? It also helps you understand better where your teammates stand and what they are willing to achieve and what kind of a coping strategy will you as a group, need to adopt when perceptions begin to change, diverge or even better, converge.


Treat the business challenges seriously. As soon as you graduate and hit the job market, in most Research or Marketing profiles, you will be asked to show some of your work as a part of the interview process. In such situations, what you do in the business challenges might often form a crucial part of your portfolio. Due to NDAs, you may not be able to share your exact findings but the fact that you can talk knowledgeably about a sector and its challenges, will go far in gaining the interviewer’s confidence. So really, do everything you can to produce your best work in these challenges because it will serve you in the long run and in the short run, why not enjoy the best seats in Bernabeu or a brand new phone for your efforts.

Venture Lab

Amidst all the course work, it will be very easy to ignore the Venture Lab but ignoring it will be a big mistake. It is one of the most unique things about IE, where you get so much assistance to develop a business that you will not realize what a resource it is till you try to do it all on your own or learn that no other European business school has such a strong venture development program. Make a little time, push yourself a little bit and give this a shot. You might walk away in 10 months with a company of your own and then recession or no recession, you will still have work to do.

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