MB tools  Towards the end of the first semester, things got busy with group projects and final exams. Between these hectic days we got the great news that we were going to visit Millward Brown, one of the world´s leading research agencies. We had been taking a course on Focus Groups and In-depth Interviews taught by Pepe Martinez, the Millward Brown Ibeira Managing Director; and now him and his coworkers wanted to show us their day-to-day activities at the office.

At first we thought it was going to be a visit to see the office and some of the research tools they use, but then they told us it was time to get to work. We had the chance to use and experience the latest research tools that are being used in the agency to test real marketing campaigns and visual ads. Then, we were able to try them on each other and collect our own information on current and future campaigns. It is always great to be taught theory in class from an expert or someone who is in the field, but it is an absolute pleasure to actually be able to experience it and apply the theory yourself. I believe it enriches the learning experience and ensures theory sticks with students through this type of hands-on experience.

MB workshopThe visit started with a quick workshop that included the agenda, an introduction giving us more details on what we were about to see and how the visit will take place. Everything was planned perfectly; they divided the class into two different groups rotating each on the research labs to make sure that each student would get the chance to experience every tool themselves. It was an excellent visit and our tour guides were very insightful; they had already been in the agency for few years, worked with several global clients and encouraged all students to ask questions. Moreover, we learned that Millward Brown is the only full service research agency with a dedicated global neuroscience practice. We were able to see the importance of this practice through several neuroscience research solutions they offer such as Facial Coding & Eye Tracing tools. We were also exposed to the different projective techniques the agency uses to measure brand positioning or address several clients’ research questions.

Finally, the whole class was brought together again to recap on everything we saw and reinforce the occasions each tool is used for. So far, this was one of the best experiences in the program; not just from the practical stand point but also witnessing the culture and environment from the employees was inspiring and motivating. Therefore, this visit has not only taught us a lot in terms of the latest research tools and techniques but also showed us the great advantage of working in a place where you get to do what you love.

Written by: Hanzada Youssef, Cairo, MRCB ´13


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